Information needed to help the novice become an expert. Segments on Spinnaker, Sail Trim, Reefing, Draft Control, Anchoring, Tacking & Jibing, Safety and more.
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43 minutes

Improve Your Sailing SkillsProduced for the sailor with some sailing experience, this video is filled with the information that every novice sailor needs to start his educational path to expert.

Each topic is presented by top Southern California racers in a step-by-step, easy to follow manner to make learning as easy as an ocean breeze.

This program has been beautifully photographed in high resolution Betacam SP and features an original music score, colorful graphics and much more.
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--- Complete Video Table of Contents ---
Opening: pretty shots of 34' C & C sailboat underweigh with starting comments and introduction to the subjects covered on the video

02:10 Efficient Tacking demonstrated: commands ("ready about," "hard alee"), jobs of helmsman, bowman and grinder for an optimum tack that loses a minimum of boat speed. Elements of efficient tacking. Different wind conditions. Examples of a complete successful tack.

05:50 Keys to a safe Jibe demonstrated: move the vang car: uncleat the sheet: winch in the main sheet: sharp turn to leeward: genoa sheet control WATCH YOUR HEAD at all times: lead vang sheet back to rail

08:05 Draft control demonstrated: proper location in different wind conditions: using the outhaul: tensioning the luff by using the cunningham or main halyard: position of maximum draft: positioning the traveler in different wind conditions: removing weather helm to balance the boat: using mainsheet tension to control the sail's leech: the leech tell-tales: using the outhaul: bend the mast by tensioning the baby stay (if you have one)

13:20 Reefing the Main demonstrated: attaching the hook: securing the topping lift: easing the mainsheet: releasing the halyard while wincing in the reefing line: using the cunningham or main halyard: rolling up the foot: crank in the mainsheet to re-fill the mainsail.

15:40 The foresail. Shaping the genoa: point of maximum draft location in genoa: using the genoa halyard for proper luff tensioning ("getting the wrinkles out"): correct genoa sheet lead position: using the lazy sheet to establish a new lead position: tensioning the hydraulic backstay (if you have one)

19:10 Going from a Beat to a Reach: keeping the draft in the right place: genoa halyard and backstay adjustment. Going from a Reach to a Broad Reach. Boom vang adjustment off the wind.

20:20 Using the Spinnaker (demonstrated): tracing the after-guy and attaching the sheet: raising the spinnaker: uncovering the turtle: a good set shown: proper pole trim (computer graphics used): controlling spinnaker luff - adjust pole to wind, mast and height above water: height of clew and tack: trimming with the helm: the spinnaker take-down and gathering in

29:25 On-board Safety items: life jackets: flare gun: fire extinguisher: VHF: first-aid kit: safety harness: personal strobe: horseshoe w/man-overboard pole: the Lifesling retrieval system

33:00 Man Overboard Drill (demonstrated): the alert: throwing out the MOB gear: keeping an eye on person in the water: reverse course and maneuver for the pick-up: approach victim from downwind position: preparing the boarding ladder or rescue sling: revue of Drill procedures

36:40 Anchoring demonstrations: the proper gear - anchor, chain, rode: recommended ground tackle chart guide: anchor the same way as everyone else around you (either 1 or 2 hooks down): head into the wind: lower (do not throw) the anchor: back downwind to dig in: proper scope length: securing the rode: setting the stern anchor: hauling in the bow line to set the stern anchor:

41:30 Staying Anchored in the same place: the visual bearing: electronic anchor alarm: the anchor watch. Weighing Anchor without a windlass (use a winch, if you have to). Get the stern anchor up first (don't forget to shake the mud off before bringing the hook aboard).

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